Spiced Boiled Peanuts


We’ve been craving another road trip to Charleston, which always includes boiled peanuts along the way as we head north and east along Florida. With our recent trip to Spain, a weekend in New York City next month, and a few days in Northern California in February, it will probably be a while before we make it to South Carolina for another visit.

So when we were at the first Saturday Morning Market of the season and my eyes landed on boxes of raw peanuts at the Little Pond Farm tent, I had to have them! I didn’t really know how, but we were going to have boiled peanuts at home. Continue reading  continue reading

Cookbook Review: Molly on the Range

Molly on the Range
Whenever I see one friend’s mom, she very sweetly lets me know how much she enjoys my food blog or how much she liked my most recent article for the Tampa Bay Times. At her granddaughter’s birthday party this weekend, she told me she really enjoyed my recent cookbook review of Molly on the Range. It even moved her to drive to Barnes & Noble and buy the cookbook!

At the bookstore, she couldn’t easily find the book. So she asked an employee to help her find the book and said in the very convincing way I believe only moms have mastered, “Hey, don’t you know this cookbook is featured in the Times today? You need to move it up to the front!”And they promptly did move Molly on the Range to a prominent display. Continue reading  continue reading

Chopped Salad with Spiced Chickpeas and Tarragon-Tahini Dressing

Chopped Salad with Spiced Chickpeas and Tarragon-Tahini Dressing

My first trip to the grocery store postvacation was a blur of kale bunches and zucchini — and tubs of coffee. After two weeks of jamón and patatas piled high into thick, eggy slabs of tortilla in Spain, I needed to restock our fridge with everything green.

A week of mostly healthy eating was followed by a Saturday filled with pitchers of beer and pizza in the name of cheering on the Gators. So I was craving a salad. Continue reading  continue reading