Ginger Bourbon Cooler

Ginger Bourbon Cooler

Thanksgiving is just a week away! My parents and sisters are traveling with us to Iowa City to spend the holiday with Danny’s family. Everyone’s so excited! But it’s been a busy November with trips to Chicago and New York City, and I haven’t gotten around to planning what I’ll be contributing to the dinner table this year. But I do know what we’ll be sipping on as we finish getting ready for Thanksgiving and slip into happy hour: Ginger Bourbon Cooler. Continue reading  continue reading

Autumn in New York

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Sugar. Butter. Flour. 

Katie and I watched the movie Waitress back in college. We fell for the quirky little movie featuring Keri Russell, and we got really excited when we heard it was being made into a Broadway musical. Then Sara Bareilles made the soundtrack. We should go! To New York!  So we did. And we figured we should bring our husbands along for an autumn trip to New York, too.


waitress musical

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