Cookbook Review: Molly on the Range

Molly on the Range
Whenever I see one friend’s mom, she very sweetly lets me know how much she enjoys my food blog or how much she liked my most recent article for the Tampa Bay Times. At her granddaughter’s birthday party this weekend, she told me she really enjoyed my recent cookbook review of Molly on the Range. It even moved her to drive to Barnes & Noble and buy the cookbook!

At the bookstore, she couldn’t easily find the book. So she asked an employee to help her find the book and said in the very convincing way I believe only moms have mastered, “Hey, don’t you know this cookbook is featured in the Times today? You need to move it up to the front!”And they promptly did move Molly on the Range to a prominent display.

Shout out to Jackie Booth. You made my week!

Shout out to Molly Yeh and her very fun cookbook, Molly on the Range.

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