Anniversary Weekend in Asheville

Snowy Asheville airbnb




Biscuit Head

Biscuit Head


We’ve been exploring the Carolinas a bit the last few years. We visited Charleston a couple times and quickly fell in love with the city. Our most recent crush? Definitely Asheville.

Back in February (this post has been a long time coming!) Danny and I spent a long weekend in Asheville to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. From St. Pete, it’s a quick getaway, and I’ve been gushing about what a wonderful weekend we had ever since.

We stayed in a cozy airbnb just a short drive in a zippy rented Fiat into the heart of the city. It was close, but far enough so that at night, the sky was brilliantly lit with stars. It was also snowing! We woke up to flurries one morning and it was the BEST. Especially recalling that now in deep summer.

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Beach Bum’s Rum

Beach Bum's RumThis July was the hottest July on record. The HOTTEST. July also happens to be when my birthday comes around, and I live in Florida.

And yet, I go to the beach. I sort of need a summer survival kit. After debating whether it’d be worth getting one, I finally decided to get a Corkcicle in the size that can hold an entire wine bottle, which proves to be very useful when you’re headed to the beach with just one other person and don’t want to bring a cooler. Instead, I made my beach cocktail a double (well, two doubles, one for me, and one for my friend) and trusted in the Corkcicle’s promise to keep things cold. No refills. No bottle openers. No digging around through ice (though that doesn’t sound too terrible on a hot day). Let’s call this one Beach Bum’s Rum. Continue reading  continue reading

Cookbook Review: A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches

A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches

One of the more fun cookbooks to come my way lately is from Tyler Kord, sandwich king of No. 7 Sub sandwich shops in New York. My latest review is all about his cookbook, A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches, which is super funny and not at all upsetting, unless you hate broccoli. He starts off with a chapter on roast beef but heavily features vegetables in his sandwiches, and for Kord, broccoli is bae. Continue reading  continue reading