Cookbook Reviews

Ileana Morales Valentine Cookbook Reviews

Cookbook Reviews

I am so excited to tell you about my new project. I’ll be writing cookbook reviews for the Tampa Bay Times in a new column called Page to Plate!

The first review will be online on Monday and in print on Wednesday. Pick up a copy of the Times next week and you’ll find it as the cover story for the Taste section. From there, you can expect cookbook reviews every other Wednesday. My growing collection of cookbooks shows no signs of slowing down, and now there’s no need to stop accumulating them. It’s work, okay?

I’ve been writing In Our Kitchen, a column on home cooking, for the newspaper for nearly four years, and I am so excited to take on this new project. I’ll share and link to the reviews on A Little Saffron, but you can also find my latest work for the Times on my writer page.

Whether you are cookbook obsessed like me or simply cookbook curious with a handful on your own shelf, I hope you’ll join me as I sift through cookbooks both new and old on my shelves. There are so many interesting, beautiful cookbooks cropping up all the time, and I can’t wait to cook and write my way through them.

p.s. Let me know what cookbooks you are craving or loving! Leave a comment below or say hi at


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  1. Congratulations and I am also look forward to them because I love your site. By the way , I have always been a fan of the photos you take on your site. What kind of camera do you use to make everything look so great ?:)

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