Cheese and Charcuterie Boards for the Holidays

cheese and charcuterie board

Friends! It’s been some time since we talked. We drove down to Miami to spend Halloween with my family, and Lila dressed up as Maleficent. I met Penny De Los Santos, and we took her to The Bends. I spent a couple days in Chicago for a marketing conference and met up with Sara Cornelius of Cake Over Steak and her photographer husband for a drink at Lone Wolf. Danny went to Nasvhille for a marketing conference. I got really into Jane the Virgin, and we started watching Master of None.

I read about Paris and felt sick to my stomach.

I spent this past weekend in Miami Beach dancing and generally having a wonderful time for my friend Eve’s bachelorette weekend. (Eve shot that incredible photo you see above!)

And now, Thanksgiving is upon us. We’re heading to my in-laws’ house this year, and I’m hoping to contribute The Food Lab’s hasselback potato gratin, sweet potato pie according to Joy the Baker’s dad but with a gingersnap crust, pecan pie (my favorite, forever and ever) and maybe some kind of stuffing. Should I pack a loaf of Cuban bread for that?? Maybe!

But what to snack on before the biggest meal of the year? Try a cheese and charcuterie board. You can set it out and let family and friends pick at it as they get hungry, and it’ll hold them over until dinner. I recently wrote all about cheese and charcuterie boards for holiday entertaining for the Tampa Bay Times, a story that called for a lot of fun reporting. I talked to several people who love cheese, including the head cheesemonger at Mazzaro’s Italian Market, and spent an afternoon creating three #cheeseborts for a photo shoot. A cheese board will most definitely grace our table when our parents visit St. Pete for Christmas, and it’s an appetizer I’ll turn to for many parties to come.

Hope you all have a magical Thanksgiving! I’ll be back soon with a recipe for slow-roasted salmon.