My Favorite Food Podcasts


While I do love my Songza* playlists, lately I’m spending more and more time listening to podcasts while I’m cooking at home, commuting to work, traveling, or cleaning around the house. I subscribe to podcasts of varying topics, but my favorite podcasts are the ones talking about food. Sometimes I’m even tuning into a food podcast while I’m power walking like a Golden Girl around Crescent Lake Park, getting inspiration for dinner while I work out.


Today I’m sharing a list of the best food podcasts streaming through my phone recently. These are my favorites, but please share what you think are the best food podcasts below! I’m always looking for a new podcast to add to the rotation, and I’d love to hear what gems you’ve found.


The Splendid Table podcastThe Splendid Table

Lynne Rosetto Kasper has been talking food culture, history, and trends on the air every week for two decades. This is the OG food podcast. She chats with chefs, authors, and other interesting people in the food world and beyond. Lynne also regularly checks in with Jane and Michael Stern of Road Food to chat about their latest and greatest meal on the road. Contributors Melissa Clark and Patricia Jinich are great interviewers, and I’m always picking up tips for cooking at home.

Start hereLowcountry CookingChristmas Cheese; Simple Times


Spilled Milk podcastSpilled Milk

Molly Wizenberg, author of the James Beard award-winning food blog Orangette and two books, and food writer Matthew Amster-Burton host this podcast and crack each other (and me!) up for a half hour. They start with a type of food or ingredient — say cherries or fruit punch — and then go off on some hilarious tangents. These two have great chemistry. You’ll be laughing out loud along with them as they discuss Indian junk food, shallots, marshmallows, and more in each single-subject episode.

Start here: Brown ButterMarshmallowsPudding


And Eat it Too Podcast

And Eat it Too

Molly Gilbert, blogger at Dunk & Crumble and author of Sheet Pan Suppers, and fellow food blogger Sarah Barthelow at Little House Pantry discuss a food saying, such as “take it with a grain of salt” or “the proof is in the pudding.” Laughter and a bit of food history and etymology ensues. This appeals to the food nerd and word nerd side of me. Recently, they called up Ruth Reichl, former editor of Gourmet!

Start hereGreatest Thing Since Sliced Bread (with Spilled Milk); Cool as a Cucumber; Bigger Fish to Fry


The Dinner Party Download podcastThe Dinner Party Download

Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam discuss food and culture with bartenders, chefs, and celebrities. This is a food podcast that extends to the entertaining side of cooking and eating. The weekly food etiquette segment with tips from famous actors are fun, and I love the segment with moments in history and a cocktail to match.

Start hereBlondie, Oscar the Grouch, Thomas VinterbergAmy Schumer, Cokie Roberts, Kurt Cobain in His Own WordsMike Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Joseph Gordon-Levitt



Gravy podcastGravy

The newest one to me on this list, and it’s a fast favorite. Gravy, which comes in the form of a biweekly podcast and a quarterly, examines the evolving American South through its food. Instead of focusing on celebrated chefs and well-known cookbook authors, host Tina Antolini is telling the stories of everyday people who contribute to the region’s food culture. Their stories are interesting, vivid, and informative. Brought to you by the Southern Foodways Alliance.

Start here: The Pie Formerly Known as Derby Pie; The Fight for Water and Oysters; The Jemima Code


The Dinner Special podcastThe Dinner Special

Gabriel Soh chats with his food heroes about home cooking, last meals, and inspiration for dinner. Since launching in February, Soh has already built up quite the archive of conversations with people who love food, including yours truly in episode no. 20. Get to know the people behind some of your favorite food blogs and discover some new ones.

Start hereLuisa Weiss: How Travel Has Shaped Her Food JourneyBrooke Conroy Bass: An Introduction to Cajun Cooking and FoodAmy Kritzer: Learning About Jewish Cooking and Culture
I heard somewhere that this is the year of podcasts, and sure enough, I find myself frequently discovering more and more awesome podcasts. Here are a few more I just downloaded and started listening to, food-related and not:

Dear Sugar
The Lively Show
Stuff Mom Never Told You
Burnt Toast

What are your favorite podcasts? 


*p.s. I first heard about Songza from an entertaining feature in Bon Appetit. It’s now my favorite way to stream music because the curated playlists are so fun. Here are some of my favorite playlists:

At a 90s Frat BBQ
Boogie Nights Pool Party
Mad Men: Megan’s French Twist
90210 Slumber Party
Cryin’ Time
Vintage Cocktail Party
Feelin’ Soulful in the 70s



8 thoughts on “My Favorite Food Podcasts

  1. I love podcasts! Some of these are favorites of mine as well, but there were some new ones on there for me, so thanks for that! I also love Songza for when I’m in a certain mood, as opposed to in the mood for a specific artist or genre. I listened to their “beach vibes” one a lot this past winter and I would pretend I was on the beach. 🙂

  2. Hooray for food podcasts! I totally listen to them while I power walk around Greenlake here in Seattle, too 🙂 There are some great ones on this list – and some are new to me, so I’m excited to get listening. Thanks for including mine in such great company!

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