Society for News Design Award of Excellence: My Cauliflower Cover!

Cauliflower cover story

My cauliflower cover won an Award of Excellence from the Society for News Design! Say WHAT.

Besides my regular column for the Tampa Bay Times Taste section, I occasionally contribute other features as well. Last spring I turned in a cover story + recipes + photos for a trend story I pitched on the now ubiquitous cauliflower.

I was especially excited about my vision for the cover photo: a moody and sorta sexy cauliflower. The whole point of the story was that cauliflower was having its moment. This versatile vegetable was no bland wallflower anymore, and I wanted the cover photo to convey that. I loved the nearly black and white contrast and the focus on the cauli, especially with recipes that roast the vegetable whole becoming so popular. And of course, I loved the Times’s design and type for the headline. I’m so glad SND loved it, too!

Ileana holding cauliflower article

I’ve always thought of myself more as a writer than a photographer; I never took any classes on photography in school. I picked up a camera a few years ago and started shooting food I was cooking for this blog, and now for other publications. With regular practice and time, my skills improved, and I’m so dang proud of this award and this cauliflower photo. Setting up and shooting food photos has become as enjoyable to me as the writing (and cooking, blogging, recipe development!) and I look forward to shooting more and getting even better at it.

Take a few minutes and check out a slideshow of the other winning pages. Scroll to photo 22 in the lineup to see the cauliflower cover.



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