We’re getting into the best time of year here. How was your Halloween? For our friend’s annual block party, Danny was a gorilla and I was a mermaid, but on the 31st we hung out on the couch, drinking wine and waiting for trick-or-treaters to knock on our door. Silence of the Lambs was our scary movie for the night, and I made Aida Mollenkamp‘s meatballs for dinner. (Pro tip: Don’t serve meatballs on a night you’re watching Hannibal. TOO SCARY.)

At the start of the week, Danny made a spicy soup that reminded us you can always add yogurt if things get too spicy. We also learned what hominy is. The turkey posole recipe was from a Bon Appetit feature on repurposing leftover Thanksgiving turkey. This is an excellent idea because it totally transforms the turkey and comes together quickly — homemade chile paste included!

Since Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, we used a shredded rotisserie chicken. I’d try chickpeas if we didn’t have hominy around (for a different but still delicious soup). I found myself looking forward to the soup for dinner each night, crushing tortilla chips into the hot bowl just before serving and swirling in a scoop of avocado. For dessert, baked apples. (I’m wrapping up a feature on baked apple desserts this week and would love to know your favorites, by the way.)


I also recently made an excellent soup using odds, ends, and the remaining beans from a pot of Sunday chickpeas and their golden broth. That broth, which simmered for a couple hours with onion, bay leaves, and tons of garlic until the chickpeas grew plump, made for an intensely flavored soup. Mizuna from the farmers market and baby kale went into the pot. Cumin. God, I love cumin. An abandoned tomato. Parsley. I want this soup next.

Baked sweet potatoes and lentils with bacon have been making the dinner rounds at our house, too. We’ve been busy and haven’t tried too many new recipes, but I’m trying to change that SOON since my desk is inspiration overload right now with some of this season’s new cookbooks: Homemade Decadence, Huckleberry, and A Kitchen in France.

What are your favorite recipes right now?

My leftover Halloween candy will end up here.

The other night we had scallops wrapped in prosciutto and topped off with baked goat cheese at what is quickly becoming our go-to spot: Old Northeast Tavern. Must recreate these at home! At another new-to-us restaurant: an excellent dumpling soup.

These squash potato pancakes? Yes! Gimme some of that.

Fry bread + breakfast tacos sounds like the best kind of mash-up.

POTSTICKERS. Danny is obsessed with them. And now I am, too. Why haven’t I made these yet? And so many more delicious-looking things from Cynthia’s blog, like these mini chamomile thyme chess pies.

p.s. Shake it Off is my jam right now. But so is Let it Go.




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