Back from Mexico with a Craving for Chilaquiles

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They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. But when you’re in Mexico spending most of your day in water that’s unbelievably blue and not knowing what time it is (and not caring), I think that number shrinks by quite a bit.

We were at a beach north of Cancún for a family vacation, and Danny and I started a morning ritual of chilaquiles followed by tequila sunrises. There was no reason for this morning routine to change — except that we had to go back home. To reality. To wedding planning. To decisions about moving. This is where the tequila comes in.

We were back from Mexico with some serious tans and a serious craving for chilaquiles. It was time to make my own. Continue reading  continue reading

Tomato Cobbler


Recipes that take a traditionally sweet dish and turn things savory are so appealing to me. There’s no reason berries and peaches should have all the fun this summer. Tomatoes love biscuits, too, and they’re fruit after all. Let’s make tomato cobbler.

I made two dishes of tomato cobbler yesterday for brunch, and they went over very well. I was inspired to make this recipe because a friend who is moving away loves tomatoes, but they ended up being a real crowd-pleaser. Cheesy biscuits on top of blistered sweet tomatoes mingling with caramelized onions and garlic? Not a bad way to kick off Sunday. This is gonna be one to make every summer.


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