Smoked Peaches and Cream Pops

Smoked Peaches and Cream Pop

In April, I came back from Charleston with a fiancé, an even bigger crush on that city, and a mini stovetop smoker.

We came across this little smoker during a cooking class at Charleston Cooks! The instructor smoked pork chops in 20 minutes, and at a price tag less than $40 we had to have this smoker, too. Meat is the obvious choice for what to smoke first, but I couldn’t help trying something unexpected: fruit.


Billy of Wit & Vinegar is hosting Popsicle Week  and I wanted to come up with something special, especially since this summer’s mascot is smokin’ hot Mariah circa 1999.

Ripe peaches and smoke floating up from a grill are sure signs of summer, and here I put them together with a Smoked Peaches and Cream Pop. It’s a fun twist on the classic peaches and cream flavor combination. The first taste is striking because the smoke is unexpected. Soon that smoked peach pop is gone and you’re looking for another one. This is a standard-looking popsicle but it packs surprising flavor. Continue reading  continue reading

Double Strawberry Cheesecake on the First Day of Summer


By the time I watched Melissa Clark put the finishing touches on the prettiest cheesecake I’d ever seen, I knew double strawberry cheesecake had to be part of my weekend plans. I messaged my friend, Leanna: “I’m making cheesecake this weekend. Help me eat it.”

Turns out she’d just been looking at the same recipe, and it wasn’t a minute or two more before I’d invited myself over to her house to make this strawberry cheesecake together.


The plan: (1) I’d make the dough for the homemade cookie crust on Friday night, giving it time to rest and saving us some time on Saturday. (2) Bike to the farmers market and pick up fruit and goat cheese. (3) Make cheesecake. (4) Let cheesecake set up in the fridge for at least six hours. Meanwhile, kill time.

Reality: (1) We had a Friday the 13th birthday party so the dough was not put together until Saturday morning before our drive down to St. Pete. (2) Found no strawberries at the market because Florida’s season is so early. Ate a mango pineapple popsicle. Biked to Publix instead. (3) Made the cheesecake… Continue reading  continue reading

A Dutch Baby Pancake for Saturday Morning


At some point, we picked up a bad habit. We started eating dinner in front of the TV (watching this), Danny on his side of the couch, me on the other, my legs tucked to the side with a plate perched on top. Our little dining table took on the role of extra dish rack. But the other night, we found ourselves at the table again.  A simple dinner: lentils, couscous, cherry tomatoes, and sausage. A bottle of rosé disappeared, deliciously, as we lingered at the table talking about life, wedding planning, winning the lotto, booking a flight to Seattle, honeymooning in Spain, and, generally, OUR FUTURE. It’s always fun to daydream outloud about this stuff with Danny. One thing that comes up is this idea that we would run a little B&B. If it did happen, Dutch baby pancakes would be in the rotation. It’s the kind of thing I’d always welcome on a weekend morning.

IMG_9645 Continue reading  continue reading

Chocolate Lover’s Macaron


The world seems to be macaron crazy at the moment. Every flavor. Any color.

Sucré, an award-winning bakery in New Orleans, invited me and a dozen other bloggers to join their First Annual Macaron Challenge. Of course I said yes! They sent me a box of their macarons for inspiration (great mail day!) with all kinds of flavors. The chocolate and coffee-ish ones were my favorite. I can’t wait to try their king cake and other treats next time I’m in Louisiana. An occasional baking project is fun and I accepted the challenge to try something new (especially since a friend gave me a macaron book years ago and it’s been waiting patiently on the shelf). Continue reading  continue reading