Five Things (Austin Edition)




(1) From Vegas, I kissed Danny goodbye, hugged all our friends, and got on a plane to Austin to see my best friend. I was spending the rest of the week in Texas, and this time I was finally going to Franklin Barbecue. It was as good as people say it is. We were in line just before the Last Man Standing. The line was extra long with SXSW going on, but they guaranteed us brisket and passed out sausage while we waited.

Kay says Austin is all about waiting in lines, but waiting is no big deal when you’re with your bff (and chairs, a six-pack, and Heads Up, which was a good way to make friends in line and kept us going in the line for Jimmy Kimmel as well). Four hours never went by so quickly.




Beer and baked goods, together forever

(2) Easy Tiger is a bakery + biergarten with excellent food. I loved my garlic sausage on a pretzel bun with plenty of mustard. Also, free PBR. There’s so much free stuff during SXSW. For dessert, a tiger claw filled with Indian spices.



Veronica Mars!

(3) The movie came out on March 14, and Kay and I finally had our long-awaited movie date. We loved the movie so much, and being in a theater full of marshmallows (check out that link for a pic of Kay punching Logan Echolls) just as excited as we were made it even better.




Beyoncé sing-along

(4) After the Veronica Mars movie, we went to a Beyoncé sing-along party at the Alamo Drafthouse. Best day ever. They played everything from Destiny’s Child to B’s new album. They gave us sparkly rings and microphones.



Slurping Ramen

(5) Kay knows her ramen. She took me to Ramen Tastu-ya. It was the best ramen I’ve had. (Bon Appetit thinks they’re pretty good, too.) I grabbed that awesome T-shirt on the right for Danny. I should’ve bought the Slurp! hat, too.



BONUS: Girl Scout Cookie Marshmallow Sandwiches

A colleague and I recently found ourselves with Girl Scout cookies and a batch of my homemade marshmallows. We decided to put them together. Thin mints are perfect with soft mallows, but samoas rock, too.

***p.s. Austin, previously: Here and here.



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