I’ll say this about Vegas. It was fun. Way more fun than I expected it to be.

The shows, the lights, the food. I loved the ease of walking around with friends, stumbling upon one good thing after the other. On our way into Las Vegas, other passengers on the plane were cheering, whistling, and chanting the city’s name. Ve-gas. Ve-gas. It was funny and kind of silly to me at the time, but now you might find me cheering, too.





Our trip ended in an airport bar called Lucky Streak. Before we boarded our flights home or elsewhere, we ran up a tab, laughed until our faces hurt, and tried to stretch out the hours, minutes we had left together on this trip in this city. These pit stops in travel are supposed to be a pause in between destinations, a comedown after the heights of a trip, but we were as happy in this dinky bar as we were in the swankier ones on The Strip.

I want to bottle it all up and never forget it.

I set out on this trip as a one-time thing. I just wanted to visit this city once before our friends continued settling down. Just once to see what it was all about before we never got around to it. I didn’t expect to want to return, but I do. Til next time, Vegas.





Some of our favorites in Las Vegas:

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. // Head to this club for a spectacular time. Just go. There were amazing tap dancers, acrobatics, and a DJ I’m pretty sure we all fell in love with.

China Poblano // Mexican + Chinese by José Andrés. The best meal we had in Vegas. Dishes are meant for sharing. The blood orange and grapefruit margaritas were perfect. We would’ve eaten there again if we had the time. Some favorite dishes include the dancing eggplant (the bonito flakes actually move from the heat of the eggplant; it’s a wild thing to watch!) and the pork buns, both steamed and fried.

Hofbrauhaus // You’ll have to cab it here, but cabs in Vegas are cheap and this turned out to be the perfect lunch spot before catching our flights. Get a liter of beer, schnitzel, pretzels, and watch a bit of soccer in the biergarten. To go with your meal, your waitress might offer you a shot and a spanking. Be warned. If it makes you feel better, the tattoos just under her collarbone say “hope” and “faith.”

Rent the Runway // I’ve been a member for a long time but this was the first time I rented a dress. Worth it. I picked up the sparkly silver number from their showroom at the Cosmopolitan, and all three of my friends ended up walking out with dresses as well. Playing dress up in the showroom and having amazing dresses for our night out made it all more exciting. Clueless was playing in the background, there was jewelry to rent with the dresses, and an employee hooked us up with free champagne at a nearby restaurant. No regrets.

Zumanity // Funny and thoroughly entertaining. We all enjoyed it.






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