Marshmallows for Veronica Mars: Vanilla + Bourbon Salted Caramel


I am a marshmallow.

I got to know Veronica Mars when I lived in a dorm, sometimes watching an episode in the hallway, laptop propped up between my best friend and me, and then later on a couch in our first apartment.

This show  made me cry. Made me laugh. And now, years after the sudden ending that left us hungry for more, there’s a movie! I’m flying out to Austin for my long-awaited date to see the Veronica Mars movie with my bff. I can’t wait.

For those who don’t know, Veronica’s best friend on the show, Wallace Fennel, is the one who calls her a marshmallow and since then it’s what Kristen Bell (and now the rest of the cast) calls their fans.



So I made my first batch of marshmallows to celebrate the movie. Even better, I made you two flavors.

In the movie, it looks like our girl Veronica is caught between two love interests, Piz and Logan. Let’s say Piz’s marshmallow flavor is vanilla, sweet and familiar.

Everyone loves the vanilla marshmallows but the one people won’t stop talking about (maybe evenwrite songs about) is the one infused with whiskey and streaked with salted caramel. It’s a bit of a pain to make, but the salted caramel bourbon marshmallows are beautiful, delicious, and worth the effort, not unlike Mr. Logan Echolls.

Sorry, Piz. You’re great. Really! But it’s not you. It’s Logan. This LoVe is epic.

I’d considered tequila before bourbon since (1) they live in southern California and Logan often vacations in Mexico with his best buddy, Dick Casablancas (2) it is a spirit that can be as divisive as Mr. Echolls himself. You love it or hate it.

Me? I love. And yet. Bourbon and caramel sounded better to me and I thought it might be more agreeable with my fellow ‘mallows.

SO Which flavor do you choose?

Piz | Vanilla

Logan | Bourbon Salted Caramel


 “That might play with the masses, but underneath that angry young woman shell, there’s a slightly less angry young woman who’s just dying to bake me something. You’re a marshmallow, Veronica Mars. A twinkie!”

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Dark Chocolate Waffles


A weekend with my sisters is a jaunt to the basics. Chocolate. Carbs. Sugar.

They are somewhat picky eaters, though with time their tastes and habits seem to be bending. I asked Lila to guess what cool ingredient we were putting on our Valentine’s Day pizza. She exclaimed,”zucchini!” I was surprised by her enthusiasm for something green mixing with her cheesy pizza, but the correct answer was grapes. I didn’t add slivers of garlic to the first pizza but sprinkled them all over the second one with the hope that Melly, who dislikes onions, would try it. They both ended up liking that one even better .

But there’s no doubt where their allegiances lie.


So when it came to breakfast, I knew I had to sweeten the deal. Lila, the youngest, is certainly the trickier one to appease, and she is firmly in the pancake camp. She wants a fluffy, tender pancake rather than a crisp-edged waffle. Danny and I love the texture of waffles, so I tried to sway her with chocolate. I didn’t mention that it was dark chocolate rather than the milky, more sugary kind she’s used to eating.

From her and Danny’s latest couch fort (they’re getting more sophisticated; this one had the air mattress propped up to create bunk beds) I heard her pleas to take some of the batter and make a couple pancakes. Just try a piece of the waffle, I said. I broke off a piece of one, buttered it up, and placed it in her hand before she could object. All I heard after that were the cries of Lilo and Stitch on the TV. Continue reading  continue reading

Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies


Single or taken, I’d be attached to this cookie. And if the delight of my coworkers and my boyfriend is any indication, then I bet you’ll love it too.

Yes, I have another Valentine-inspired recipe for you. The rosewater meringue is pretty and all but it doesn’t have a lick of chocolate and I thought you’d need some this week. So, here’s a cookie recipe with a pound of chocolate versus less than a cup of flour.


These Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies come from Chad Robertson’s latest cookbook, Tartine Book No. 3, by way of Saveur. I tried Chad’s bread more than a year ago during a quick trip to San Francisco and have been dreaming about it ever since. Even after this bread debacle with a homemade version. No hard feelings, Chad. Still dreaming about Tartine bread (and now more bread from SF) and you have bread ambassadors everywhere. So, I bookmarked this recipe and baked the cookies as soon as I had a chance. Continue reading  continue reading

A Rosewater Meringue with Blackberries and Cream


First things first. Lila wanted to know: “When is Danny’s birthday?”

“February 10,” I told her.

“Wait, it’s not on Valentine’s Day? I thought that’s why his last name was Valentine.”

Cute. The peculiar and amusing thing about this recent conversation is Danny’s father’s birthday actually is on Valentine’s Day. More than anything else, for Danny, Feb. 14 has meant birthdays.

For us, V-Day kind of depends how we’re feeling about it that year. Maybe we’ll go out to dinner and make a weekend out of it. Or maybe we’ll stay in and it’s like any other day.

But this year, to borrow a term from Leslie Knope, I’m planning on a sort of Galentine’s Day. Except Danny’s invited.



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Checking In


Last weekend was spent on the couch, just me and my big, bad cold. On Sunday, Danny got to work in the kitchen with this roasted chicken with clementines (via Alexandra’s Kitchen) for the second time. It is lovely with the slivers of bright orange and fennel crusted into crisp chicken skin. The slices of clementine roast alongside the chicken, becoming almost candied in the process and perfuming the chicken. It’s a keeper.

He also made more enchiladas, which we are really into lately. We’re playing around with sauces and fillings until we find a favorite to post here.

The other night we made pizza with lots of garlic, mozzarella, basil, prosciutto, and grapes. The grapes were such a good move. Inspired by this bruschette.



As I tried to get over a cold with a Will & Grace so-called binge-a-thon and cough drops, I decided it was time to try Heidi’s turmeric tea (via 101 Cookbooks). It is fantastic. Try it soon. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and the honey is soothing to a sore throat, but I plan to throw this one in the rotation because it’s delicious.

We’ve also made Smitten Kitchen’s parmesan broth three or four times since Deb posted about it. Love this broth. I tried The Kitchn’s no-soak method for cooking beans in the oven (!) on one soup night. It’s a winning way to make beans. Just need to stop and stir a few times next time we go that route.


Today we have some cooking plans. I’m making a Valentine-inspired treat for you all from one of my newly acquired cookbooks, Ripe. More enchiladas. More oats from Whole-Grain Mornings. Deviled eggs.

I’ve found myself surprisingly into my new Kindle. It’s always in my purse and makes it really easy to read a few pages or articles whenever I get a chance. A few nights ago I finished reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and am now flipping through another novel. As far as cookbooks go, and those are definitely still best when I can hold the book in my hands, I’ve been reading through every recipe in Melissa Clark’s In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite. Her recipes are always great and each one in this book comes with a great little story.

If you’re looking for last-minute recipes for today’s game, how about Crispy Fried Chickpeas? Cornbread with Caramelized Apples and Onions will go over very well, I’m sure. There’s still time to make carnitas for tacos! These Baby Sweet Peppers with Quinoa and Chorizo are great for a crowd. Quick Pickled Peppers are a good addition for whatever your spread looks like. If you find yourself with leftover avocados once the guacamole is done, I suggest making fries. Don’t forget the pico de gallo!

I’l be back in a few days with something sweet.

p.s. I signed up for BlogHer Food in Miami in May!! Are you all going?