Saffron Cardamom Ice Cream


Up until a few days ago, our recent culinary acquisition — an ice cream maker — had been something I didn’t really want to talk about.

I ordered one during an after-summer sale. I used it once to make a roasted strawberry ice cream that was perhaps too ambitious for my first attempt. It left me feeling frustrated and defeated. We never finished those pints. This new machine was abandoned in a corner.


But this weekend, everything we did in the kitchen worked. Lasagna, Bolognese-style. Miso soup.  And then, probably the star of this string of kitchen successes, a saffron-cardamom ice cream. It’s worth dusting off your ice cream maker for. Continue reading  continue reading

Chicken Pot Pie


Cooking as a distraction is sort of how we ended up with this slab of chicken pot pie.

It worked out well. I chopped and stirred my worry away for a couple hours, a very practical way to address stress because when you’re done so is dinner.

And what’s better than the smell of something onion-y cooking? In this case it’s leeks, slumping into melted butter with shallots and perhaps my favorite herb, thyme. That aroma will soothe better than any candle I can buy.

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I don’t want to take down the Christmas tree




Hi 2014! I’ve got a new planner, and I’m ready for you. But let’s back up for just a minute.

We spent Christmas in Miami, and Danny’s parents spent the holiday with us. My family has met Danny’s mom, but they were so excited to finally meet his dad. It was a great couple of days filled with food and family time. For Noche Buena, my dad made his grandma’s lomo de cerdo with my abuelita’s help. We ate tres leches. We took shots of Nicaraguan rum. For lunch, we went out to a Colombian restaurant and ate empanadas, sancocho, and whole fried fish.

Oh, and Danny got me the coolest gift. See these framed illustrations? I really love them, and they look great around our budding gallery wall, mostly made up of restaurant menus up until now. Our friend Maggie of Type & Title created them. A few of the illustrations come with recipes from the blog. My galette! And the Manhattan looks especially good over our new bar cart.





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