Now Reading: People’s Pops, Canal House, Lucky Peach, and Sweet Paul


My first go with our new popsicle mold was not a winner. Don’t use almond milk, okay? The bourbon-soaked cherries were tasty, but the rest of the pop was too icy and flavorless. I promptly checked out this book, People’s Pops, and made the little number you see below, raspberries and cream. All 10 of them were gone in a day. We ate them by the pool.

There are a lot of great-looking recipes in this book. Cucumber, elderflower, and tequila is up on my list, and so is the peach-jalapeño pop. I’m looking forward to trying a few more flavors and telling you about them in more detail here.



A couple weeks ago we slipped into Oxford Exchange for the afternoon. We picked up two chai tea lattes and a crumbly and a maple-y flapjack granola bar. We claimed a couch in a corner and hung out with a few magazines.

This travel issue of Lucky Peach magazine made it home with me. I haven’t really flipped through one since I stumbled on the second issue and bought it as a gift for Danny.



It’s a fun publication, if you’ve never had a chance to read through it, with illustrations and some great photos and articles. I can’t get this picture out of my head — tentacles hanging on a clothesline in Crete.

The story on Hawaii is wonderful, with a line about nature and breasts that I wish I came up with myself. But I’ve never been to Hawaii.


Another cookbook in the rotation right now is Canal House Cooks Every Day . I’ve been following the Canal House Cooks Lunch blog for a while as it’s always a good source of inspiration for daily meals.

The Canal House women appreciate sitting down to a meal that may be simple but worth slowing down for. The cookbook is rich with inspiring recipes and photos, too. It’s organized by months of the year, and they serve food on platters so elegantly. There’s a spread of deviled eggs that has me thinking I should probably try to make those myself. They are so pretty. And tasty.




I also picked up Garden & Gun, which had a really pretty raspberry pie on the cover and a feature on one guy’s cast iron collection. And some interesting ads about guns (something about childhood dreams coming true?! geez!)

That Southern magazine lives on my coffee table right now next to this issue of Sweet Paul magazine. This one is filled with some seriously pretty pictures of food. There are rustic vegetables, spreads of fresh seafood on beautiful plates, and splattered gelato. It’s one to curl up on the couch with for the afternoon. What are you reading lately? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

One more thing. Please read this article  in The New York Times magazine by Michael Paterniti. I’d seen the link passed around and finally stayed up the other night, completely absorbed in his story of old country men in small-town Spain and the meaning of travel. It made me laugh out loud a couple times and has been on my mind for days. The piece is an excerpt from his book, which I’ll have to get now to find out more. Here’s hoping we all find our own Guzmán.




10 thoughts on “Now Reading: People’s Pops, Canal House, Lucky Peach, and Sweet Paul

  1. I checked out People’s Pops from the library the day I ordered my pop molds! I may or may not be keeping a running list of popsicle ideas in my iPhone…
    And I am making blackberry-mint tonight with my haul from the u-pick farm!

  2. I LOVED that Michael Paterniti book excerpt so much. Thank you for that! My current food read is (don’t laugh) Super Nutrition for Babies. I can’t wait for the new Tartine book though.

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