Breakfast BLT


It’s all about tomatoes right now. Striped. Deep red. Yellow. Cherry.

Besides popping the sweet cherry tomatoes into our mouths as if they were grapes, the thing to do with these juicy tomatoes is make a BLT.


I put an egg on it because that is my move for making anything a meal, especially when Danny’s out and I’m making dinner for one. In this case, adding an egg also bumps this lunchtime sandwich up to breakfast.

I treated myself to one after catching up on Breaking Bad. A runny yolk between two slices of toast helps with the stress. Somebody please hug Jesse. Or make him a BLT.


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Baked Monkfish with Lemon, Rosemary, and Mustard


Last week, we tried monkfish for the first time. I picked up two 6-ounce fillets from the store and headed home, wondering what to do with them. The last time we bought fish we’d never tried before, we ended up really liking fresh sardines.

Now we’ve had monkfish for dinner three nights in one week.

Monkfish is often referred to as the poor man’s lobster for its texture and meatiness, though most recently lobster was on sale for cheaper than the monkfish. Hm! Anyway, I bet you can picture what lobster, salmon, and even trout look like. But have you seen a monkfish? This fish is laughably ugly with a mouth about as wide as its body. Please see pictures here and look at the face of the guy holding a monkfish in photo number two. Clearly he wants to toss the monkfish back in the water and be done with this whole thing.

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The Wednesday Chef’s Best Roasted Vegetables Ever


These vegetables are my new obsession. Luisa Weiss of The Wednesday Chef recently posted about roasting vegetables in a totally different way after watching her aunt do it. She calls them the Best Roasted Vegetables Ever, and it is not a stretch to say so.

Like her, I used to oil up vegetables and lay them out with enough space for them to get brown and crispy at the edges. This new method has the vegetables piled on top of each other in a thick layer. They end up soft, juicy, and so concentrated in flavor. It’s like an easy, roasted ratatouille.

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Plum, Basil, and Yogurt Ice Pops


Welcome to Popsicle Week! It’s August and we all could use some more frozen treats in our lives. I love ice cream, but for a lazy day by the pool? Nothing beats an ice pop on a stick.

Looking for inspiration? Billy Green at Wit and Vinegar has organized an awesome week of popsicle posts from a couple dozen bloggers. Visit his popsicle page here throughout the week for all the pops.

My contribution is the Plum, Basil, and Yogurt Ice Pop. Pretty, fruity, and perfect for these super hot days.


We start with fresh plums. Plop them onto a baking sheet and roast until the fruit slumps and the sheet is streaked with red syrup. I can’t believe how much flavor comes from the roasted plums. But then again, this is their season. Roasting the fruit intensifies the flavor even more.

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Now Reading: People’s Pops, Canal House, Lucky Peach, and Sweet Paul


My first go with our new popsicle mold was not a winner. Don’t use almond milk, okay? The bourbon-soaked cherries were tasty, but the rest of the pop was too icy and flavorless. I promptly checked out this book, People’s Pops, and made the little number you see below, raspberries and cream. All 10 of them were gone in a day. We ate them by the pool.

There are a lot of great-looking recipes in this book. Cucumber, elderflower, and tequila is up on my list, and so is the peach-jalapeño pop. I’m looking forward to trying a few more flavors and telling you about them in more detail here.



A couple weeks ago we slipped into Oxford Exchange for the afternoon. We picked up two chai tea lattes and a crumbly and a maple-y flapjack granola bar. We claimed a couch in a corner and hung out with a few magazines.

This travel issue of Lucky Peach magazine made it home with me. I haven’t really flipped through one since I stumbled on the second issue and bought it as a gift for Danny.


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