A Weekend in Austin



We spent a long weekend in Austin watching friends get married and hanging out with my college roommate, Kay. She picked us up from the airport and we drove by Franklin Barbecue around 11:30 a.m. only to find a line down the block. People waited with beers in hand. On a Thursday morning.

Torchy’s Tacos is where we ended up for lunch instead. It did not feel like a second place choice. At all. They introduced me to my new favorite thing via this month’s Kingpin Taco. A soft tortilla cradled pork carnitas and onions, but best of all, there were maduros in my taco! We’ll have to try this at home.



My dear friend Kay has been living in Austin for at least a couple years now, and she knew all the great places to take us. Kung Fu Saloon was on our list for the vodka pickle shots, which turned out to be surprisingly and inexplicably good. You take a shot of Tito’s vodka followed by a pickle juice chaser. After a game of skee-ball, we downed a second round.

Kay, Danny, and I had a seriously fun Friday night. The evening started at Adelbert’s Brewery with Belgian-style brews. Breweries in Austin, I’m told, can’t technically sell you the beer to drink there so they sell you a glass (usually $10) that you fill with an allotted number of different pours. The tastings are very generous. And during a brewery tour, the owner/brewer gave us countless samples of still-fermenting brews. Fun!

Next we pulled up at Péché for prohibition-style cocktails. We’d been telling Danny about this place since I visited Kay last year. There was a Manhattan Henge for me, a gimlet for Danny, and an off-menu jalapeño cocktail for Kay. A round of fried oysters and an order of Templeton rye, too.



Brunch at Snack Bar Austin. Two flasks of mimosas all around. I ordered the tamago yoko, featuring an okonomiyaki hashcake. Delicious.



Two stops at Thunderbird for iced coffee and cappuccino.

IMG_6446 IMG_6376


Belgians and bffs at Adelbert’s Brewery.


On Thursday, the bachelorette party led us to a food truck serving Detroit-style pizza (who knew?) close to our next stop, Uncorked. It was lovely to meet everyone and toast to the bride before the big day.

On Saturday, Kay also took us to another brewery, Hops & Grain, to hang out before we had to get ready for the wedding. Travis and Maggie got married at the beautiful Inn at Wild Rose Hall. She designed the logo for this blog, and it was wonderful to finally meet them.

The groom and his friends brewed beers for the wedding (lavender summer saison! ginger pale ale!) and we had tacos for dinner from The Peached Tortilla food truck. Later there were jalapeño-peach margaritas and bottles of champagne being passed around.

IMG_6501 IMG_6502


We woke up late the next morning and made our way to 1886 Cafe & Bakery for brunch at one of the oldest hotels in Texas, The Driskill. I ordered an awesome baked huevos rancheros and we learned about all of the hotel’s ghost stories from our waiter.

One last meal and then we were off. Til next time, Austin! Brewery glasses and Mexican saffron from Fiesta Supermarket are my souvenirs. Looking forward to the next visit to this city.





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