That Time We Brewed a Belgian Tripel


It was a sunny, beautiful Saturday about a month ago as my friend Jessica and I set up for Women’s Brew Day. Tents were already pitched outside of Southern Brewing in Seminole Heights and we soon made friends. It was a packed event.

She’s the experienced homebrewer (check out her beer blog!) and I was her assistant. I helped her follow the recipe for a Belgian tripel, and we grabbed a couple beers to cool off as we ate a working lunch of Cuban sandwiches. The whole experience was a lot of fun, and it was impressive to see how much work goes into a batch of beer.




Our big pot of brew bubbled away, and towards the end we plunged an immersion wort chiller into the pot. The chiller is a big coil of copper that cools down the brew quickly. We sampled the wort (the brew before the yeast ferments the sugar). We drank more beers. We waited for a few weeks as Jessica and her husband, Derek, monitored the brew’s fermentation at home and later bottled it.

Then they called us over to taste it!



The color is a rich honey or amber, depending on the light, and the aroma is slightly floral. Flavors of banana and raisin shine through. The alcohol content is high, but it is so refreshing and tastes lighter than you’d think, just like it should be with a tripel. It’s beer we made, and I love knowing that. It’s delicious. We threw some names around and settled on Queen Bee Belgian Tripel. Dibs, okay?

Our wine bottles have been gathering dust as beer is definitely our drink of chose these days. I don’t really see that changing as summer is pretty much here. So, prost! Here’s hoping I get to help out with another home brew.




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