Cocktails to go: The Dark and Stormy


Rum has never tasted better than in a Dark and Stormy. It’s a drink that reminds me of summer, Gasparilla, and generally makes me happy. It takes maybe a minute to put together.

And it’s so easy to sneak into the movies. All you need is a mason jar.


A few weekends ago, we ditched our plans and made a last-minute decision to stay close to home and catch a movie. We bought our tickets for Silver Linings Playbook and picked up some popcorn. Danny realized Bradley Cooper was starring in this movie and felt tricked. But by the time we got to the Ernest Hemingway part of the movie, I knew he’d be into it. We loved it. Well, I loved it, but he definitely enjoyed it, too.

And I loved that we had drinks to go with our afternoon movie at the not-so-glamorous theater closest to us. I mixed the drinks just before we were ready to go and placed them in mason jars with their lids. I tucked the jars into a wine tote bag and put that in my purse. As soon as the previews were over and the lights dimmed, I pulled out the jars.

For a Dark and Stormy, be sure to use dark rum not spiced rum. There’s a difference! Gosling’s ginger beer is a solid choice. Also, some people drink this without lime, but I really like it here.


A cocktail-to-go is a good little trick to have up your sleeve. Take em to the park. Take em to the movies. Hope you all appreciate this little tip on a Sunday all about movies (or is it all about dresses)?

Tonight I’m rooting for Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence aka J-Law, and we’ll be mixing up a Dark and Stormy or two. Cheers!


dark and stormy

I hear that in Barbados they don’t add lime to this drink, but I very much like it in here. Gosling’s makes my favorite ginger beer and make sure to use dark rum rather than spiced.

2 ounces dark rum
5 ounces Gosling’s ginger beer
lime wedge

Fill mason jar or tall glass halfway with ice. Add rum and ginger beer. Squeeze a lime wedge into the drink and add the wedge into the glass. Serve immediately or cover jar with lid and keep refrigerated until it’s time to head to the movies.

Serves 1. Recipe from “The Craft of the Cocktail” via Epicurious.

p.s. my first Gasparilla —




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