Five Things

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I hope you all had a sweet day yesterday. We had a very good one over here. Those flowers are keeping me company on this gloomy morning. We’re looking forward to the weekend! Here’s this week’s five things to get you started.

(1) I’m still not over my obsession with Cheryl Strayed, Dear Sugar, and Tiny Beautiful Things. Get into it! Here’s an interesting conversation on writing like a mofo between Strayed and a woman who first wrote to her for advice on writing.

(2) This is so cute. Grandmothers are the best.

(3) Speaking of grandmothers, we’re both big fans of the Golden Girls. Here’s a list with clips of the 11 best scenes from the show to fit moments of your life.

(4) I drove a little slower yesterday so I could keep listening to this story. A young woman named Toby listens to a 17-year-old playing the violin and then asks him to marry her. She was just a couple years older than Itzhak Perlman. Nearly 50 years later, they’re still married and spent a life traveling around the world for his career. With their five kids. It’s a sweet interview, and her answers are honest and amusing.

(5) This so-called sexy potato soup with fried almonds is on my list. Garlic, potato, saffron, and serrano ham. Oh yes.

p.s Chicago pictures coming next week!

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