Five Things

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Happy Friday! My sisters are visiting this weekend, and I can’t wait for them to arrive. A cold front came in yesterday, which will probably make it feel like they’re even farther from Miami.

I had a serious craving for something healthy this morning, so I started my day with a green juice and purchased a few types of oranges. It’s “winter” and I need more citrus in my life. Look for a blood orange recipe here soon. Have a great weekend! Here’s this week’s five things.

(1) Epicurious gives you your food horoscope for the year. Who knew! Each astrological sign gets a recipe. I’m serious.

(2) Bon Appetit found the 9 weirdest food TV shows. Don’t think they can be topped. And that Cooking with Beefcake show? Pretty sure that’s Blanche (from Golden Girls, of course) if she cooked.

(3) Bittman says.

(4) Warm salads for winter from FOOD52. I can get behind that, especially that first salad. Our 80-degree days are gone for now… It was 43 degrees this morning!

(5) Let’s put homemade chocolate bars on the big to-do list.



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