My First Cookbook


This blog is a year old today. A cake would’ve been appropriate for the occasion, but I’ve got something better. My first cookbook!

My best friend surprised me this Christmas with one of the sweetest gifts ever. It’s a cookbook with some favorite recipes and pictures from a little saffron. Danny helped her pick them out. There’s even an author bio on the jacket. Thank you so much, Kay!


And thank you friends for reading. I love this blog, and it was one of the best things I did last year. Cheers to year two! It’s only gonna get better, and I’m glad you’ll be following along.

Love, Ileana




6 thoughts on “My First Cookbook

  1. Such a nice gift / friend!

    (I am absolutely not being paid for saying this! I just used their services recently for a personal project.)

    Why don’t you create your own book with, for example a site like (they are easy to use and have super nice designs) and get your readers to order it online!


    • Hi Marie, I believe is exactly what she used to make the book! Funny, my 8-year-old sister first suggested making more copies so I can “make money”. Always clever, that little one. But in all seriousness, some relatives and friends have asked where they can get copies so I may have to print some more. Thanks!

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