The Best Recipes of 2012


Happy New Year’s Eve! This part sneaks up so quickly after Christmas. I hope you treated yourself to a great last breakfast of 2012, and exciting NYE plans await you. Don’t forget to chill the champagne. Do you have any good luck traditions for tonight? Sometimes we’d eat 12 grapes at midnight. Some years my mom stocks up on fireworks.

For now, here are the blog’s best recipes of the year. Thanks so much for following along in this first year of a little saffron. It’s been so much fun, and we can’t wait to keep improving and cooking in 2013.

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Black Pepper Tofu

This one goes back to the beginning of this blog, and it’s just as good every time we’ve made it since.


Carnitas Tacos + Homemade Tortillas

This was the star of a dinner party we hosted this year in our new home, and it’s still a recipe I love. The carnitas are tender, crispy, and flavorful. And tortillas, we learned, are fun and easy to make at home. We’ve made them several times, and even Lila loves rolling and pressing the dough.


Potato Salad with Herbs and Bacon Vinaigrette

I stand firmly on the side for vinegar-based potato salads. This one is bright and tangy from vinegar and plenty of fresh herbs. The chunks of red potatoes are tender and do a great job of absorbing the bacon vinaigrette.


Maple and Ale Pork Shoulder

The 18-hour pork! So tender when it’s done, and it’s actually pretty simple. The oven does most of the work. My dad and sister have made this nearly a dozen times.


Vanilla Old Fashioned

Such a great spin on a classic cocktail, especially for anyone who loves bourbon.


Goat Cheese, Roasted Grape, and Walnut Bruschette

This recipe worked hard over the holidays. My dad loved it, and we made it several times at my parent’s house. It’s a simple, unexpected combination of flavors, and so good.


Butternut Squash Soup with Apple Cider and Vanilla

This was maybe the most surprising soup of the year. The curious addition of vanilla works with the apple cider to make a bright and flavorful soup.


Chicken Dijon

More. I always want more of this.


Savory Onion Pie (with a scone crust!)

I love this pie and its biscuity crust.


Olive Oil Granola with Coconut and Cherries

I figured out how to get big granola clusters. Yes! And this granola is killer.


Chocolate Cake

Two ingredients (the sour cream and coffee) seriously amp up this chocolate cake. You won’t forget it.


Peach and Sour Cream Pancakes

From now on, sour cream should be in pancakes everywhere.


Spanish Chicken with Lemon Olives and Onions

One more for good luck! This crispy chicken spiced with smoked paprika was the most popular post of the year.



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