Five Things

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming next week. I’ll be introducing a new feature to the blog, and it happens to involve homemade biscuits. Can’t wait for next week! Until then, this week’s Five Things:

(1) This collection of family recipes from readers in The New York Times.

(2) My new favorite cooking video featuring Christopher Walken.

(3) Are you a Bluth fan? I hope so. Here’s an Arrested Development version of the ubiquitous  “Call Me Maybe” song. As you’d expect, this one is better than the original.

(4) This interview with a UCLA professor obsessed with both food and science is great. Jonathan Gold describes her as Zooey Deschanel with a physics doctorate.

(5) This iPhone case is amusing. Thanks to Tracy Shutterbean for the heads up on this site filled with pretty iPhone cases, including cases for the iPhone 5.



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