Five Things

Friday! Hope you have a good one. We are attempting to make that Tartine bread this weekend after spending the last 20 mornings feeding our starter. This won’t be the easiest project, but I hope it’s worth it. I’ll let you know how it goes! Here’s this week’s Five Things.

(1) Cuban sandwiches. I’ve been craving one. And although I’m from Miami, I prefer the ones from Tampa because of the bread and the salami.

(2) On an old Splendid Table podcast I heard recently, Lynne talks to British comedian George Egg, who cooks in hotel rooms. He makes pasta! And muffins! With the help of bibles, irons, and closet light bulbs. Check it out.

(3) How do you fry your eggs? I used to cook the hell out of them, letting the bottom and edges of the egg white turn crispy and browned, but I’ve always liked a runny yolk. Now I fry an egg at a gentler, medium-low heat and cover the pan for a minute or two to help the egg set. But now that I’ve seen how José Andrés fries his Perfectly Fried Egg, I want to try it this way, too.

(4) Italian prune plums have been on my mind since reading about them in Luisa’s book and seeing this beautiful version of her cake. I’d never noticed these plums at the store before until just the other day, and now that I’ve found them I’ve gotta bake this cake soon. Maybe next weekend. But I’ve yet to try a prune plum; have you had one?

(5) Do you drink beer? I’ve got a blog for you. My friend Jessica, a reporter and Tampa native, is also a woman obsessed with beer. She and her husband, Derek, have made their own beer at home (so good!) and always have a great selection of beer when I come over. Jessica recently started a beer blog called Pint Press, and you can check it out here.



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