Five Things


(1) Danny’s parents have a cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which I hope to visit sooner rather than later . Maybe next July. In the meantime, I have these treats. I’d never heard of a dewberry, but that sweet blackberryish jam won’t last long.

I was on my morning walk listening to a recent Splendid Table podcast when Jane and Michael Stern of mentioned a bakery called the Jampot, somewhere in the Upper Peninsula. Try the jams and great little cakes heavy with booze and flavor, they said, and although there really isn’t anywhere to sit inside, you can pull over on the side of a quiet road and dig into cake.

I wondered if it was anywhere near the cabin. I called Kathy and found out that the bakery was in driving distance of their cabin, and she’d actually just visited it for the first time and bought a few jams, jalapeño caramels, and a walnut ginger cake to send our way. The serendipity of this got my morning off to a good start, and made me even more excited for when I do make it up north.

(2) Treats brought all the way from Spain. Thank you, Kat! The smoked paprika made its debut last night in a sort of Spanish braised chicken with lemon, olives, onions, and garlic. We were in the mood for a cooking project probably more appropriate for a Sunday, which meant dinner wasn’t served until 10, but it was worth it. I’ll share that one soon.

(3) My mom sent a set of pots and pans a while ago, helping to round out the equipment in this kitchen. Last month she sent a set of birthday knives with a matching frying pan and flat griddle pan. She knew to buy me all things orange during high school when it was my Official Favorite Color, and I guess lately she’s just noticed I lean toward things in a shade of deep red. Anyway, that big sharp knife on the top is a new favorite.

(4) I’m hoping for a cooler, dry afternoon soon. We’ll be out there on a blanket with a baguette, cheese, olives, prosciutto, and of course, wine. Spilling won’t be an issue with these picnic glass holders, thanks to this gift from my friend, Kay.


(5) These flowers with their tiger stripes have been sitting pretty for two weeks. Two weeks!



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