Burnt Granola

The house smelled of cinnamon, making me think it was a completely different time of year. I couldn’t wait for breakfast.

Granola is a bit dangerous for me (how ridiculous does that sound?) and I don’t usually keep it around because it disappears way too quickly around me. Still… I found this recipe a couple days ago and couldn’t resist trying it out. Coconut, dried cherries, cashews, honey, and slivers of almonds. Come on.

Everything was going great until it wasn’t. The granola was toastier than most people would like and of course continues to cook some more before it cools. It’s not all bad. I had some this morning with milk and blueberries, but it’s not right just yet.

It’s only when you google “burnt granola” that you find very good information you wish you’d known 30 minutes earlier. I found some really good tips for making the next batch better, and I’ll share that with you soon. Do you have any suggestions? I’ll get this right. For now, please just look at this pie.



6 thoughts on “Burnt Granola

  1. My tip for toasting seeds, oats etc for granola is to leave the oven door open a crack. It keeps the heat from becoming to intense and it is easier to smell when the seeds are just starting to become aromatic- then it’s time to take them out!

  2. I find keeping the oven at a lower temperature like 300ºF makes for crispy, toasty granola. I stir it after the first 10 minutes, then every 5 minutes after that, because my oven has a hot spot in the back.

    Also, instead of following the suggested baking times, I start tasting it after 25-30 minutes. The doneness is usually to my liking around then.

    And I only add any dried fruit in the last 3-5 minutes, just long enough for it to warm and plump up a bit, which keeps it from getting too hard and chewy in the week it takes me to eat the batch.

    I’ve been wanting to add cinnamon to a granola so I look forward to your recipe!

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