Just a simple (but still delicious) breakfast today of peanut butter on toast finished off with raspberry jam, sea salt, and fresh raspberries. I’m still on California time, waking up later than usual. I think I’m also still shaking off my daily bread-for-every-meal habit from the West coast, so it’s toast for my birthday breakfast.

That second cup of coffee is coming with me to the couch. I’ve got some reading to do now that Danny’s given me my sweet birthday gift. Thank you, amor, for your thoughtfulness and your love.

Thirteen heavy boxes wrapped in cute skull (I like them) and happy birthday wrapping paper waited for me at midnight. A sweet card and curly ribbon topped it all off. Inside the boxes? Gourmet! Old Gourmet magazines from the 60s, 70s, and all the way through the 2000s. The oldest one in my new collection is from 1958. Pretty fantastic, no? I counted them up and there are 146 magazines. Whew! I’m gonna need a new bookcase just for these.

I love the simplicity of most of these covers. Just one indulgent picture of food to enjoy. Nothing screaming out at you, luring you into the magazine. The picture is all you need.

So, I’m spending my day reading, painting my nails Cascade Cool, and bookmarking some recipes. Dirty Dancing will probably be playing in the background until we meet up with friends later for a birthday beer.

Cheers to 24! I’ll be back next week with pictures and stories from our trip to San Francisco and through the curvy roads of Sonoma County. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



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