Five Things

(1) Last night’s clam bake at the home of our friends, Jessica and Derek. We ate buttery clams, mussels, shrimp, potatoes, and corn for dinner under that sparkly chandelier. We also had fancy lemonade, watermelon slices, and a movie on tap. Summer!

(2) I haven’t watched that show, Girls. I haven’t read most of Nora Ephron’s books. But this was a great essay in The New Yorker from Lena Dunham about her friend and mentor, Ephron.

(3) This trick for pitting cherries without a designated cherry pitter from Food 52. Can’t wait to use this trick!

(4) Funfetti cake nails.

(5) Still finding a tiny piece of silly string on the wall from Lila and Danny’s silly string war.



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