A Mango Tree in Miami

Spent the weekend at my parent’s house in Miami, where they have this huge mango tree hovering over an old treehouse and spilling over the fence. I’d always looked forward to June and the chance to eat a mango every day. What a way to start the summer.

I’m taking a few of these with me back to Tampa. Should turn up with a recipe soon. Maybe popsicles or a smoothie, even if just cutting big chunks and eating them over the sink is completely delicious on its own. Or slicing a mango that’s more green and sprinkling it with salt.

Any ideas for something different to make with mangoes?



12 thoughts on “A Mango Tree in Miami

  1. When I lived in Miami, I had 6 mango trees in my yard! I had so many mangoes, I didn’t know what to make at the end of the summer. The favorite all around was mango pie. Any recipe that calls for peaches in a pie will be a perfect swap! Or, you can go the chutney route! That was always a crowd pleaser and made fantastic gifts. Or, you can make a mango barbecue sauce….I always used it on my ribs….which gives me an idea for this weekends barbecue! Thanks for reminding me of those great days!

  2. I envy the southern states solely for their fruit bearing trees and shrubbery. All I got here is a sour apple tree and a wild pear tree…the pears are are hard as a rock but good in salads with vinaigrette and the shavings of a tart hard cheese.

  3. I’m bored at work so I’ve been reading all your posts. Loving this. And here’s my favorite use for mango: Add diced mango to guacamole. So. Amazingly. Good. I did it once and ever since, every time I make guac for a get-together (which is all the damn time), my friends ask, “Ooooh, is this the mango guac?!”

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