Five Things

This week’s Five Things are all about the first week in a new apartment, which I am loving. It’s bigger, and the light coming in is really nice throughout the day without making the living room unbearably hot. There’s central AC. A walk-in closet for me that is awesome and terrible because it tempts me to fill it up.

A kitchen with enough cabinet, counter, and pantry space to free up a small bookcase, formerly home to a rice cooker, pots, pans, and other kitchen stuff. That bookcase can now hold just the cookbooks and food politics books, and two people can calmly stand together in the same kitchen to make dinner without wanting to throw the other one out at times for serious lack of space.

I’m happy here.

(1) Meet the newest plant in this home, a baby cactus.

(2) Watching a gator get some sun at the lake behind the apartment. I’ve traded the dolphins of Bayshore for gators. Both are cool.

(3) A grill! So excited about this one. I’ve always thought these smaller grills were cute, and now we have one. Expect more grilling recipes around here.

We broke it in on the first night of June with some shrimp-pineapple kebabs. Delicious. Though it did take a while to get the charcoal good and hot. We had dinner at 11 p.m. Any tips for speeding that up?

(4) A new tall book case, with a new spot for my gold skull.

(5) A new bottle joins this home bar. Expect a gin cocktail later this week.



2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. re: heating up the grill quicker — do you have a chimney? if not, that should help!

    also, hello! chase p. is one of our mutual friends and he showed me a delicious recipe on your blog once, and i’ve been reading along ever since. keep the amazing food coming! 🙂

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