Five Things

(1) An award for a little saffron! Thank you very much to Erin’s DC Kitchen for the blog love with the Liebster (means “favorite” in German) award. It’s an award given by fellow bloggers to new blogs, usually with less than 200 followers. Thanks again, Erin! Part of accepting the award is passing it along to five other bloggers. Here are my choices for now:

Jessica at Domestology

Nicole at Eat This Poem

Connie at Marinating Online

Brittany at b out there

(2) A new camera! My mom sent me a most awesome Canon Rebel T3 this weekend, and I’m really excited about it. This is a serious camera, especially considering that not long ago I was taking all of my pictures with my iPhone. Thanks, Mami!

(3) This Emotions with Jon Hamm tumblr. Maybe you want to start here, with Jon backing that thang up with Betty White.

(4) Are you on Instagram? I’ve been using it a lot more in the past few months. It’s fun! Here are 15 ideas from decor8 on some cool ways to use those photos, including turning them into ceramic tiles or iPhone cases.

(5) This small kitchen outlined in a bold shade of blue.



2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Thank you very much. I just love everytime I visit your blog. So beautiful. I will make sure to put aside a day this week to follow up on this lovely honor. We are just so very busy up here at the lodge right now. I am cooking 6-7 days a week for around 120 people every day so I am stretched a little thin…..

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