Five Things

(1) My Be Happy card, framed.

(2) No. 6 on this list of 10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You from The Wall Street Journal. NPR then had a segment on commencement speeches, too.

(3) Boxed wine. We just bought our second Bota Box, this time a Cabernet Sauvignon. There’s something more romantic about a wine bottle, but the box is practical. Wine is better protected against light and air, and is supposed to last about a month or more. Well, in theory. I mean, it does taste just as good a week or two after you serve your first glass. But then comes the only problem with boxed wine, which is that you can’t see how much you have left so it makes it a bit harder to keep track.

(4) This site of photographs and the memories they hold.

(5) This video from Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. I checked out Tartine’s book from the library on Friday. Hoping this will teach us to make a really good loaf of bread.



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