Five Things

Ta – da! Here is the first installment of a new feature on a little saffron would make this!

Five or so things that have made me happy lately. Expect little bits of life that were recently great or links to interesting things online that I thought you might also enjoy.

So, enjoy! And feel free to share links to what you love lately.

(1) Pandebono, my favorite Colombian treat, with café con leche. We usually get them for a $1 each at Mi Pueblito Bakery on North Armenia Avenue in Tampa. Have you tried one? It’s a small, round bread usually made of cornmeal, cassava starch, cheese, and eggs. Pillows of cheese.

(2) Photographer Lauren Fleishman is creating a book about couples in New York who have been together for more than 50 years. Here’s a video about the project and some pictures of the couples. So sweet. I love reading the stories of how they met, especially so many years ago.

(3) I love lists. I keep a small, hardcover Moleskine planner to write daily lists and check off tasks. How else would I remember to do anything? I make grocery lists all the time. Usually they get left behind on the fridge. But! writing it down still helps me remember. Here’s a blog featuring all kinds of to-do lists.

(4) Booklovers, how do you organize your shelves? By color? By genre? Check out this Sorted Books project. They sort through book collections and create clusters of books so that the reading the consecutive titles will mean something.

A couple of possibilities from my bookshelves:

Jump Up and Kiss Me + Plenty

The Road + Where the Sidewalk Ends

(5) Watch the video below. This little girl is the best. Future daughter of mine, won’t you be this ecstatic about life? I should try to start my days like this.




4 thoughts on “Five Things

    • That girl is the best!

      Hm, I’ve never seen pan de bono sandwiches, but I like where you’re going with this. I’d keep it simple. Maybe a couple slices of prosciutto. A fried egg?

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