Sunday Morning: Irish Car Bombs and Blood Oranges

Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. Have you tried this? I’ve been lucky enough to have more than one made by a friend (Hi Darla!) who toted them to restaurants or bars. The cakey part is Guinness chocolate with a whiskey ganache in the middle. It’s topped off with Baileys frosting. All that good stuff makes these cupcakes noticeably heavy in your palm. Had a big dinner last night so I saved mine for breakfast. Danny, I saved half for you.

I’ve never actually had a car bomb because chugging that whole thing before it curdles, well, I don’t think that’s for me. But some people are into that. One summer I’d come home from work and be the referee between a few of my dude roommates having a car bomb drinking race in the late afternoon.

I’ll stick with the cupcakes.

Here’s a recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Couldn’t resist this beautiful blood orange for breakfast either. Keeping it simple because we’re heading out in a couple of hours to an “eggs and kegs” event as part of Tampa Bay Beer Week. Woo!

Mm, I’m also still thinking of the great dinner we shared with friends at Boca, a new market-to-table restaurant. I don’t have a decent picture of the lobster pot pie Danny ordered, but here you can see a picture with the Tampa Bay Times review. The head and the tail stuck out from the puff pastry crust! It was surprising and impressive. And totally delicious. The waiter said the lobster’s name was Frank.

Happy Sunday!



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    • Thanks! Let me know how your ganache turns out. That beer week event wasn’t quite what we expected, but we’re gonna try another one tonight: beer cocktails!

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