Espresso Coffee Soda

I don’t really like soda. Every now and then I’ll have a little bit of Milca, but normally I’ll just take my Jack and Coke without the Coke, thanks.

But a drink I do enjoy is coffee. Love the smell, love the taste.  Serious Eats recently wrote about this Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda, and Danny remembered that he’d seen it at Mazzaro in St. Pete. This stuff has been brewed since 1895! Look at that dramatic label! We were curious, so he grabbed a bottle the next time we were there. (Accidentally grabbed the diet version).

The first ingredient in this soda is pure coffee. The drink is a really dark color and smells strongly of espresso. It’s interesting. It tastes like someone spilled their Coke into my iced coffee. I probably won’t finish the 10 oz. bottle because it’s super sweet, but it’s worth a try. Next time I’ll make sure to get the original.

How do you like my skull and crossbones glass? I thought it was appropriate for such a caffeinated combo of afternoon boosters. Happy Friday!



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