Well, I’m not there yet.  I’ll be visiting my best friend, Kay, at the end of February, and I am so excited! She came to Tampa last year, and now it’s my turn to see her new city.

Kay and me and red Solo cups, which tells you this is probably a picture from college.

I can’t believe this picture is already five years old. And other things come to mind like, what happened to that shirt? And that purse? What closet creature is staying alive on a steady diet of clothes and accessories?

But back to Austin…. Kay has only told me wonderful things about this city. Great food. Great people. Lots to do.

Some nice people on Serious Eats gave me some suggestions about where to eat. But I’m still looking because (1) I love making lists and (2) what better way to get excited about a trip?

Anyone out there been to Austin?



4 thoughts on “Austin!

  1. Adorable pic! Two words: Food trucks. I think that whole thing must have started in Austin. Any truck. Trust me. If I remember anything specific I’ll let you know. We wandered off the beaten path somewhere awesome one day…The Salt Lick. I know you’re not a crazy meat lover, but if you get the itch, this is the place. <3

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