Impulse Buys and Chocolate

My boyfriend tried to make hot chocolate a couple weeks ago, and a mug died. He was trying to melt chocolate in the Keep Calm and Carry On mug when the bottom of the mug gave out.

So I was really happy when I found these round cuts of Mexican-style stone ground chocolate. A little pricey, but I decided they were a worthy splurge. And I guess I’m a sucker for packaging here, but doesn’t this seem more interesting and delicious than a box of Swiss Miss? I love that the cacao puro only has two ingredients – organic cacao beans and organic cane sugar. The vanilla smells so good, and it’s also dark chocolate. Awesome! I’m sorry to say we haven’t tried them just yet. It’s just been so warm lately. I’m waiting a bit longer for another cold front that comes through for a night or two. Anyway, can’t imagine it going very wrong. You can eat them like a chocolate bar or just whisk them into hot milk.

Now these quicos de chocolate are something totally different. I did a double take when I saw them out for sampling at Whole Foods. Corn kernels? Covered in chocolate? Get out! (as Elaine would say to Jerry, but I won’t push you, too!) I tried one. Then another. One more. I grabbed a box.

Don’t confuse  these with everyday, bright yellow corn kernels. The kernels used here can be as big as a dime or a quarter. They remind me of big, chewy Peruvian corn I’ve had served as a bar snack in Miami. This is a treat reminiscent of popcorn, but I prefer a sweet and savory serving of these. Would be a great movie snack except for the noise of the crunch.



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