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Part of the reason I’m so excited about starting this blog is that I can work on fixing a bad habit. The problem is I’ve bookmarked hundreds of recipes and spent too much time reading lovely food blogs without following up and actually cooking all those meals. I leave notes to myself to make many delicious things in the future and…

Days pass. I eat scrambled eggs for dinner yet again. An angel weeps.

Enough! Now I’m holding myself accountable! So here are a few cookbooks I’m looking through lately. Expect posts soon.

Plenty is such a beautiful book. I already see so many recipes I want to make. Caramelized garlic tart. Sweet potato cakes. Chickpea, tomato and bread soup. Lentils with hazelnut and mint. Artichoke gratin. Isn’t this picture of eggplant with buttermilk sauce on the cover simply gorgeous? The corn fritters I made not long ago came from another recipe by Ottolenghi.

A couple years ago a friend gave me Heidi Swanson’s cookbook, Super Natural Cooking. I’m looking forward to getting more familiar with her latest book. The food in here looks both healthy and delicious. I want the white bean dip with rosemary and the little quinoa patties, too. Her sweet panzanella with golden raspberries is calling to me. There’s a kale and coconut salad that looks just wonderful. (Joy the Baker recently featured it).

It’s a bit odd to see an actress on the cover of a cookbook. Especially Paltrow since the last movie I saw her in was Running with Scissors. I’m all for weird movies, but this was one I couldn’t even finish. Anyway! I’ve been flipping through her book, and it’s very inviting because her recipes are simple and delicious. I appreciate her approach to food. First on my list? A crispy potato and garlic cake.

(Those last two books are actually from the library because I finally realized it makes a lot of sense to try out a few cookbooks this way!)



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