Swiss Chard Quiche

Quiche! Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? It never really calls to me either. I’ve tried of a few bites of some versions here and there, but it always seemed to be lacking in flavor.


But this quiche is different. Promise. It’s a recipe from Laura Calder, who made the quiche look so good on her show, French Food at Home.  It was so colorful, festive and full of ingredients that sounded like they’d go great together. It wasn’t just limp broccoli and eggs. We’re talking Swiss chard, Gruyère cheese, garlic, toasted pine nuts and bacon. It’s a good recipe for a slow Sunday afternoon, especially if you skip lunch after a late breakfast.

So I got to chopping a huge pile of greens…

Don’t the stems of the chard look awesome? There was plenty to chop while waiting for the puff pastry sheet (future quiche crust) to thaw.

But I started to worry this wouldn’t work. I misread the ingredients and used a cup of heavy cream instead of splitting it with some sour cream. Would the crust hold up? Was the dish deep enough to hold everything? Would I even like it?

I loved it! The quiche was just packed with so much flavor. Raisins swelled up, getting juicier and sweeter. Imagine that with a salty bite of bacon and the soft crunch of pine nuts. It didn’t seem to matter that I forgot the sour cream. And the puff pastry worked so well as a crust…. I read somewhere that a metal baking dish would be better than a glass dish for it. No need to bake this crust either before filling it with all that cheesy goodness. The boyfriend and I had two slices each last night. Looking forward to leftovers today for lunch. I’ll definitely make this again. Here’s the recipe.



9 thoughts on “Swiss Chard Quiche

    • Thank you! Sweet and salty is my new favorite thing! But you’re right, this was certainly not low in calories. Let me know how it goes when you try it out. It’s worth the splurge 🙂

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