Brandied Cherries

Soon-to-be brandied cherries.

I’ve got pretty and fizzy drinks on my mind. Not because it’s barely 10 a.m. No! I’m trying to find the perfect cocktail recipe to dazzle our friends with tomorrow night at a party. I’ve got my eye on the prize – whatever it may be.

Anyway, these ruby red babies pictured above have been sitting in the fridge for almost six weeks. Boyfriend is mastering making Manhattans at home, and these are all part of the plan. We got a cocktail shaker. We got angostura bitters. This bar without a bar is getting REAL. I’m looking forward to trying these cherries, which I hope trump the fake-tasting maraschino cherries.

I wonder what else the brandied cherries would work in besides an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan. Hmm… I’ll report back soon.



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