Sweet Onion Soup with Caraway and Croutons

Sweet Onion Soup With Caraway and Croutons

My beloved Dutch oven has been working overtime lately. A couple weeks ago, I stayed up late with a bubbling pot of my first attempt at homemade chicken stock. I’ve made ribollita a couple times since the holidays, and last night we polished off the last of a white bean, bacon, and collard green soup. Then it was on to Hugh Acheson’s Sweet Onion Soup With Caraway and Croutons. It’s soup season! And this sweet onion soup is a standout. Continue reading  continue reading

Deviled Eggs Benedict

Deviled Eggs Benedict

These Deviled Eggs Benedict are the best deviled eggs I’ve ever made. I’ve made quite a few rounds of deviled eggs for brunches at home with friends, but these are my favorite. With their brown butter breadcrumbs and prosciutto chips saying, “Come on over, baby,” these Deviled Eggs Benedict are also much tastier than the last deviled egg I ate at a restaurant. So, what I’m saying is you should make these. Soon. You’ll be the queen of brunch. Continue reading  continue reading

Overnight No-Knead Cinnamon Rolls

Overnight No-Knead Cinnamon Rolls

It was the night before Christmas Eve when I heard the unexpected beep-beep of our house alarm. Danny and I were near the kitchen, home for the weekend, yay. His parents in the guest room. So who was coming through our backyard gate? That’s when a stormtrooper rushed in through the back door, running through the kitchen, halfway through the dining room—and into my arms. The stormtrooper was my little sis, Lila, wearing a mask. My other little sis, Meli, and my cousin, Miguel, had surprised us by driving up from Miami a day before they were supposed to arrive with my parents for noche buena! Hm, had I told them I planned on making overnight no-knead cinnamon rolls?

Overnight No-Knead Cinnamon Rolls

We had a super fun Christmas this year with everyone in town, and us hosting at our new house. Lots of cooking. Lots of laughing. This year’s tree was the prettiest yet—complete with a 3-foot-tall Darth Vader (a gift from my mom to Danny, last year), an Olaf piñata, and a Drake mask souvenir from a Bends party.

My mother-in-law, Kathy, helped me make the noodles for a 12-layer lasagna bolognese, which we layered up with Meli’s help. They didn’t think I could fit in all those noodles, but I did, and it was a gloriously tall lasagna. (Those KitchenAid pasta maker attachments work incredibly well.) We had caramel pork ribs, which my family has dubbed Danny’s Ribs. Piles of crumpled wrapping paper and many wine bottles made it to our recycling bin that weekend. On Saturday, Danny took the guys fishing, and I took the girls out for manis and pedis. For brunch, two punch bowl rounds of pomegranate mimosas after Meli and I Googled how to get those seeds out. I made a platter of deviled eggs with crisp shards of prosciutto, too. Oh, and I made cinnamon rolls. Continue reading  continue reading

The Best Things I Ate in 2015


2015 was a preeettyyy delicious year around here, and I hope 2016 is just as tasty and fun as this year was. Til then, how about we reminisce a bit? Here are the best things I ate in 2015:

The rigatoni at Domenica. We ordered it as an extra plate to share with our vegetarian friend at the table, but we all ended up going crazy for it. Sometimes simple is best. The chef, Alon Shaya, was nice enough to share the recipe when I asked. Remind me to share that with you in a later post! The whole-roasted cauliflower was also amazing. I can’t wait to return to New Orleans and visit his new restaurant, Shaya.

The ahogada torta at Xoco in Chicago. I should eat more sandwiches that come with a dipping sauce, especially a carnitas one with a tomato-arbol chile broth.

A brown butter bourbon cocktail at The Restaurant At Meadowood in St. Helena, California. Danny and I visited on our honeymoon, and this was our first experience at a Michelin three-star restaurant. Expensive, amazing, and totally worth it. All 12 courses were a whirlwind of playful and delicious food, but man, that cocktail was such a surprise. It was everything I never knew I wanted in a drink. I reached out to the restaurant and got the recipe, which I hope to make soon, and share with you, of course.

A shredded kale salad with yogurt-tahini dressing from 27, the restaurant at Freehand Miami. It inspired me to make a miso-yogurt salad dressing at home. This place was great! Definitely check out The Broken Shaker, a tiny and mighty bar on the other side of the pool. Continue reading  continue reading

Slow-Roasted Salmon


Me, end of November: Give me all your potatoes and pies.
Me, early December: These sweatpants are all that fits me right now. Get that pie away from me.

So in my search of a lighter yet full-flavored dinner, I dug up this recipe I’d bookmarked many Moleskine pages ago for slow-roasted salmon. Continue reading  continue reading