Raspberry Rose Fizz

Raspberry Rose Fizz

Renee, who blogs over at Will Frolic for Food, came up with the awesome idea to host a blogger potluck with recipes celebrating edible flowers. The flower party is happening today! And I, who love love love anything with flowers, was totally in from the first email.

With thoughts of chamomile, lavender, and lilac sugar doughnuts on my mind, I ended up landing on roses when I spotted a bouquet of just barely pink ones. I’ve been so caught up in ubiquitous peonies, daffodils, and hydrangeas lately, I’d forgotten how alluring and beautiful classic roses are, too. Dried rose petals were already in my pantry and this was a perfect opportunity to finally use them.

St. Pete has been sunny, breezy and all kinds of gorgeous lately with winds swirling the heady scent of jasmine into the air every time I walk to the park or sit on our front porch. It became clear pretty quickly that what I need to make was a bright and fizzy cocktail to sip outside.

Raspberry Rose Fizz


Of course this pretty little cocktail had to be pink to match the roses. Since rhubarb has unfortunately not hit any of my grocery stores yet, I went with on-sale raspberries for a Raspberry Rose Fizz. The rose water syrup is concentrated and combines the sweet, tart, and floral elements needed for this drink in one step. The recipe makes a lot so you can serve a crowd or be halfway to springtime cocktails all week.

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Ricotta Pancakes

Ricotta pancakes

I was going to say that I owe Lila, my littlest sis, a pancake, but I’ve been meaning to share these ricotta pancakes here for two weeks and I feel like I owed them to you, too.

A few weeks ago, I’d taken Friday off to hang out with Lila, who was on spring break, and if given the choice still wants just one thing for breakfast: pancakes.

We had big plans for watching the Star Wars original trilogy on our day off, and I started to make breakfast. But since I usually go for waffles instead of pancakes on a weekend morning, a basic pancake recipe didn’t immediately come to mind and I quickly Googled my way to a recipe. And it was okay. They were okay pancakes. But I don’t want to bother making pancakes unless they’re good, and I don’t want to serve my sister pancakes that aren’t great. Continue reading  continue reading

Minty Pea and Ricotta Toast with Crisp Prosciutto

Pea bruschetta

Some party food for ya today because Gina of So… Let’s Hang Out and Sherrie of With Food + Love organized a surprise online baby shower for Emily of The Pig & Quill to celebrate her little piglet. You might remember Em around here as co-host of the #SoLetsPigOut potluck last summer or a contributor to Billy’s Popsicle Week (is it time for smoked peach pops again??) and now it’s an Internet party for her!

Surprise, Em! Today is your party — #EmsPigletParty! I wish you the best as you welcome your baby girl! And of course, no celebration for a food blogger would be complete without lots and lots of great food.

My contribution to the party is a pretty and bright bruschetta. I found a bag of shelled fresh peas at the new Trader Joe’s near our house and went from there until I ended up with Minty Pea and Ricotta Toast with Crisp Prosciutto. I love the classic combination of peas, mint, and ham, so I layered all those wonderful ingredients on grilled toast with a thick smear of whipped ricotta brightened with lemon zest and a drizzle of honey.  It’s seasonal, tasty, and fresh!


Minty peas

Grilled bread

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Gâteau Victoire: Zuni Café’s Flourless Chocolate Cake

Zuni flourless chocolate cakeI made a cake on Pi Day. I could’ve made pecan pie —my fave!— or strawberry rhubarb pie, but instead I went for a sort of high-maintenance cake: the Gâteau Victoire inspired by Julia Child and served at Zuni Café in San Francisco. This, a dense, flourless, chocolate cake on the most Pi of Pi(e) Days in years. I hope this isn’t bad luck or anything. As my little sis Lila once told me, “I have feelings about pie. But I also have feelings about cake.”

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